Août - Novembre 2023


Montreux Biennale 8. edition will take place during summer 2023. In constant development, it has been able to seduce artists from all around the world.
The unique location of the Montreux biennale allows the artists to present their artworks in an exceptional context with Geneva Lake as background.

The artworks must feet with artistic and technical criteria. Exposed during 3 months outside, they have to be built in strong materials able to endure sun, rain and wind (minimum high 2.5m).

Benefiting from a huge popularity, Montreux lakeshore is a very nice walk extremely appreciates by tourists, art lovers, and art collectors during this exceptional art event.

Montreux biennale is awarding 2 artists and a specific event is organized to revel it, the date will be indicated later on.

Public prize: given to the most popular artist receiving the highest number of votes during the exhibition.
The selected artwork will remain in Montreux until the next Biennale (this represents 2 years)

Jury prize: given to the artist selected by Biennale jury composed of professional people of art
The selected artwork is acquired by the municipality of Montreux and remains definitively exposed in the town.