Août - Novembre 2023

 Biennale 2023 photos

The 47 sculptures of the 8th edition of the Biennale de Montreux 2023 are now installed on the quays from the terrace of the Montreux Palace to the Port of Territet.
If you would like to vote for the Public Prize 2023, choose your favourite sculpture and vote directly online by clicking here.

Awards ceremony of the Biennale de Montreux 2023
Public Prize and Jury Prize
Saturday 11 November at 11am
Venue: Casino de Montreux in the heart of the MAG contemporary art fair (
In the presence of officials from the municipality and Promove
In the presence of the artists

List of artists presented in 2023 :

Arno Sebban
Bel Borba
Bruno Guiheneuf
Carlo d’Oria
Cecile Raynal
Christina Hofmann
Daniel Hourdé
Denis Augé
Fernand Greco
Fortunée Szpiro
Gabriele Garbolino Ru
Heinz Schmid
Jacques Biolley
Javier Gonzalez
Jean Hirtzel
Kim Boulukos
Klaus Hunsicker
Christel & Laura Lechner
Manfred Zurkinden
Marie-Jo Buttet
Marc Dupard
Marc Mugnier
Marek Zyga
Mattias Bischoff
Nathalie Duc
Nicolas Desbons
Noushin Bagherzadeh
Pascal Murer
Pedro Marques
Philippe Geluck
Pierre Jaggi
Raphaël Moulin
Renaud Robin
Roberto Montanaro
Roland Breitschmid
Roland Hirtz
Tatiana Potapova
Vincent Tetu
Virginie K.
Werner Keist

This project completes the 9km artistic itinerary that includes the Montreux Biennial, Zoom artiste in Veytaux and ends with the Villeneuve Biennial.

As part of the soft mobility programme, this visit can be made on foot, by bike or with the VMCV buses, the exhibition’s partner.

The 2023 Awards :
To vote for your favourite artist in the People’s Choice Award: click here
The results of the Jury Prize and the Public Prize will be announced during the 19th edition of the MAG – Montreux Art Gallery contemporary art fair from 8 to 12 November 2023 at the Casino de Montreux.

The prizes awarded in 2021:

The Jury Prize was awarded to Raphy Buttet for his work “à fleur d’eau”, which will be definitively installed on the quays of Montreux in early 2022.
The public prize was awarded to Tatiana Potapova for her work “big freedom”, which will also be installed in early 2022.

Enjoy a walk on the quays of Montreux to admire the works awarded during the last 6 editions and distributed between the Montreux Congress Centre and the Casino of Montreux.

Find out more about the 2021 edition, the artists and their artworks by clicking here or by consulting the downloadable catalogue.

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[Map of the sculptures]