Août - Novembre 2021

 Biennale 2019 photos

The Montreux Biennale 2021 will hold its 7th edition from the beginning of August to the end of October.

Here are the artists of Montreux Biennale 2021 :

Nicolas Lavarenne
Georg Loewit
Cristina Marques
Emmanuel Lendenmann
Roland Hirtz
Tatiana Patapova
Stephane Deguilhen
Marine de Soos
Raphy Buttet
Christel Lechner
Kim Boulukos
Alexia Weill
Bruno Guiheneuf
Henri Beaufour
Florian Streit
Christian Hirlay
Jonathan Bernard
Briant Rokyta
Philippe Perroud
christian Pichard
Werner Keist
Nicolas Bamert
Gleb Dusavitskiy
Enzo Graftieaux & Alexandre Berlioz
Javier Gonzalez
Pedro Marques
Marie-Jo Buttet
Fortunée Szpiro
Fernand Gréco
Jérome Leyre

The prizes awarded in 2019:
the jury prize was awarded to Isabelle Thiltgès for her artwork “La Grande Envolée”, permanently installed on the lake shore of Montreux.
the audience award went to Pedro Marques for his artwork “Senses Maze”, remains on the docks until the next Montreux Biennale – summer 2021.

Take advantage of a walk on the Montreux quays to admire the works awarded during the last 5 editions and distributed between the Montreux Convention Center (2M2C) and the Montreux Casino.

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